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The Device

Dr. Watson Dangerfield is a brilliant inventor who devoted his life to cold fusion. His device promises limitless energy for the world. Now Watson has been taken captive and his device set to detonate. A team of agents must scour Watson’s quarters to disarm it. This is one of the best escape room MKE games where you have 60 minutes to find clues, solve riddles, piece together puzzles and save Milwaukee!

$179 for a private attempt to save Milwaukee.
For groups of 2-8 agents.

Rig the Election

Who will be our next president? Take matters into your own hands and rig the vote! In this exciting escape room game, you’ll be given a stack of ballots that have been ingeniously altered to produce an undercount in favor of the candidate of your choice. Your team will go through a window to access place where ballots are stored. The mission: Steal real ballots and substitute the fakes.
Closes Nov. 6th

$179 for a private attempt to rig the election.
For groups of 2-6 agents.

The Tailgate

Everyone's waiting for you to join the tailgate party- but you forgot to bring the beer! You’ll need to raid a friend's apartment to grab a six pack, but it’s fiendishly hard to find. Hurry! In 60 minutes the game starts and the tailgating will be through. Opens Nov. 12th.

The tailgate is not recommended for agents who have already attempted to rig the election

$179 for a private attempt to rig the election.
For groups of 2-6 agents.


What makes Save Milwaukee different?

At Save Milwaukee you are given a mission to complete, not tasked with escaping a locked room. Our clues are intriguing, fun, and designed to require teamwork. Never grim and gory. At Save Milwaukee we never put you with strangers- no matter how many agents your group has the room all to yourselves.

What You’ll Experience


Teamwork to Escape The Room MKE

You’ll have to work together to accomplish your mission! Great for a date, party, or fun night out!


Clues to Escape The Room Milwaukee

You’ll be surrounded by riddles, puzzles, and clues. Maybe even a secret doorway or hidden panel


Escape Room MKE Fun

An exciting, interactive experience. You’ll be immersed in your mission for 60 minutes. Forget about the outside world!


Still have questions? We have the answers.

Will we be paired up in the escape room Milwaukee with people we don’t know?
Is there an age limit to play / participate in escape room MKE game?
Is parking available?
What if I’m not good at puzzles?
What if we get stuck in the escape room Milwaukee and can’t figure something out? Do we just sit there the rest of the time and scratch our heads?
What if I need to change a reservation?
Can my group come at a time that’s not on the schedule?
Can I reserve both rooms together for a group of 9-14?

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